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When Diva Dance Competition was founded in 2011, owner Kym Yadisernia decided her competition was going to be anything but ordinary. After Kym's son Jack was diagnosed with a genetic disorder, she was unsure of where to turn next. After discovering that the CdLs Foundation was the only organization in the country that was solely dedicated to families of children with CdLs, she decided her competition would serve as a way to raise awareness and funds for the CdLs Foundation. Jack has always been an integral part of the journey. Also known as "Mr. Diva", he spreads his infectious smile and energy at competitions by making new friends, handing out awards, and making sure all dancers know that they did an "awesome job". Jack touches hearts at every competition and suddenly the “competition” is no longer that. Instead, it is a way for dancers to come together doing something they love for the greater good. 

Kym wanted the competition experience to become more of an educational experience for every dancer that stepped onto the Diva stage. By implementing a live judging experience, our stage becomes a classroom where dancers are able to personally connect with the judges. Receiving live feedback immediately following their routines allows dancers to immediately apply the critiques they were given and grow throughout the competition. This educational environment creates a supportive and positive atmosphere that makes Diva so special. Kym hopes to continue her mission of providing an educational and inspirational dance competition to dancers by offering Regional and National competitions throughout the East Coast.

CdLS Foundation
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